Municipal Taxation

All businesses deal with the local authorities of the jurisdictions in which they operate. Every business is required to pay municipal taxes, including property taxes (arnona), fees, and levies, e.g. betterment taxes, signage fees, and sewage and drainage levies 

The attorneys in our firm have extensive knowledge and wide-ranging expertise in the field of municipal taxation, both in representing municipalities and local authorities and in representing taxpayers. 

Due to our in-depth expertise and comprehensive experience in the field of municipal taxation, we able to effectively assist our clients in significantly reducing the tax burden. For example, there are various exemptions and reductions, which taxpayers are not always aware of. Additionally, local authorities undertake steps to increase charges. Hence, it is essential to be fully prepared when raising these claims before the relevant body, i.e. Director of Property Taxes (Arnona), appeals committee, and various courts.

Another issue is the field of tax collection. Local authorities have an easy option to collect mandatory payments via an administrative tax collection route. Our firm has the requisite knowledge and successful experience to stop illegal tax collection by filing urgent petitions to the courts. 

Adv. Fraidin, the director of this field in our firm, has wide-ranging experience in representing local authorities and taxpayers before the competent authorities in numerous cases totaling tens of millions of shekels. His activities in the field have been recognized in various rating guides, such as Dun’s 100 and BDI Code.   

Our services include:

  • Ongoing counsel to taxpayers and businesses
  • Reducing billing charges
  • Examining property tax (arnona) assessments
  • Examining fee and levy assessments
  • Filing appeals to the Director of Property Taxes (Arnona)
  • Filing appeals to appeals committees
  • Filing administrative petitions 
  • Betterment taxes
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