Accessibility Declaration

We at Eli, Nadler & Co. – Law Firm (ENF) consider it important that our website be used by the general public of our clients, including people with sensory, cognitive and technological disabilities. Building a website accessible to all populations is one of our commitments.

It should be noted that despite our efforts to make all pages on the site accessible, parts of the site that are not yet accessible may be discovered. We continue our efforts to improve the accessibility of the site as part of our commitment to enable its use for the entire population including people with disabilities.

Use of the Site

Here are some of the steps taken to make the website accessible:
Providing a textual alternative to any non-text component.
Use of textual links rather than graphic links.
All operations on the site can be performed and navigated using the keyboard.
Add quick links that allow surfers to skip reading the menus and go directly to the page content.
Use proper contrast, to allow for as readable text as possible.

Increase the caption on the site

To enlarge the text on the site: Use the Ctrl + key.
To reduce text on the site: Use the Ctrl key -.
To return the text on the site to its original size: Use the Ctrl key 0.

Resize screen display

To enlarge the screen: Press the F11 key.
To reduce the screen to its original size: Press the F11 key again.


If you have any difficulty browsing the site or have a comment on the subject, please contact us in one of the following ways:
ENF website accessibility coordinator –
Adv. Yaron Eli
Email: yaron@enf.co.il
16 Bar Kochba St., Bnei Brak

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