Class-Action Lawsuits

A class-action lawsuit is a lawsuit filed by an individual plaintiff, or a group of plaintiffs, on behalf of tens or even hundreds of thousands of potential plaintiffs. These types of lawsuits have a particularly high potential to damage companies. Even a class-action lawsuit with a low individual award amount can cause aggregate damages worth millions of shekels. 

The attorneys in the Litigation Department at the ENF Law Firm have comprehensive knowledge and expertise in class-action lawsuits both in representing plaintiffs and defendants.

Our approach in dealing with class-action lawsuits when representing the defendant focuses on pushing for a speedy termination of the proceedings by exposing the lawsuit’s core weaknesses and filing a petition for dismissal in appropriate cases. In other cases, when we believe that the petition for approval is substantiated, we aim for quick and effective negotiations with the plaintiff in the preliminary phase. The quick and effective management of class-action lawsuits avoids a situation in which a petition has potential to cause long-standing financial damage. This strategy will save costs in both time and money.  

Adv. Matan Fraidin – Head of the Litigation Department at the firm previously served as Head of the Class Action Clinic at Ono Academic College. Moreover, he has extensive experience in successfully representing clients in dozens of class-action lawsuits in a variety of fields, including consumer protection, capital markets, insurance, and antitrust. 

For example, Adv. Fraidin successfully represented the Toyota Motor Corporation in a number of class action lawsuits filed against the company in Israel. All the lawsuits that he handled were ultimately dismissed. 

He also has extensive knowledge and wide-ranging experience in representing plaintiffs in class-action lawsuits. Adv. Fraidin has represented plaintiffs in cases that received a great deal of media exposure, including, but not limited to, a class-action lawsuit against the Settlement Division of the World Zionist Organization for the collection of unlawful fees, a class-action lawsuit against Coca-Cola to change warning labelling on its cans, and a class-action lawsuit against one of Israel’s leading leasing companies, which was ultimately required to alter its leasing agreement.

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