Executive Compensation

Our firm has extensive expertise and experience in representing companies and office holders in employment and remuneration matters, as well as in the preparation of .compensation plans for senior employees, directors and officers

Our firm advises its clients throw all stages of the recruitment process, the negotiations for an employment agreement and in the event of termination of the employment of a senior officer.

In addition, our firm provides comprehensive legal assistance in all matters related to equity-based compensation plans (ESOP, RSU, etc.) including handling tax issues involved or arise in these circumstances.

Among our services:

  1. Compensation Policies.
  2. Executive employment agreements for senior executives.
  3. Stock option plans for employees and officers (including under the provisions of Section 102 of the Income Tax Ordinance);
  4. Advising and representing our clients vis-à-vis the tax authorities (including receiving rulings);
  5. Providing capital-based and performance-based incentives;
  6. Singing bonuses,  lucrative severance packages, and non-compete Compensation;
  7. Retention of senior employees in the framework of M&A transactions.
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