Benjamin Franklin once said: “In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.” In many instances, death cannot always be predicted. However, with proper thought and planning, we can expect and prepare for taxes.
Our firm’s Tax Department has wide-ranging expertise in assisting and representing clients before income tax authorities. We assist corporations, partnerships, funds, trust funds, associations, and individuals before income tax authorities, from the planning stages of the desired legal structure up to its actual establishment.
The department provides legal opinions regarding fiscal and other relevant positions, as well as tax planning advice while determining the desired tax layout. We represent taxpayers in order to receive pre-rulings from tax authorities regarding complex tax issues and also assist our clients in various assessment proceedings. Additionally, our firm’s Tax Department represents taxpayers in tax appeals before various courts of law and relevant committees.
The Tax Department, in conjunction with the High Tech Department, handles a variety of taxation issues relevant to the high-tech and R&D sectors, including the issuance of various equity instruments, i.e. stocks, options, ESPP, RSUs, for employees; Israel’s Economic Policy Act; Israel’s Capital Investment Encouragement Act; structural legal changes; I.P. transfer from an individual to a company; purchase/ sale of shares/ activities; M&A transactions; etc.

Our services include:

  • Ongoing tax advice for corporations, partnerships, funds, associations, and individuals
  • Assisting and representing taxpayers before the tax authorities regarding pre-rulings on various tax issues
  • Representing taxpayers before tax authorities in assessment proceedings
  • Assisting corporations and individuals in restructuring/ reorganization proceedings
  • Providing legal opinions regarding taxation
  • Corporate dissolution and transfer of assets to controlling shareholders
  • Assisting and representing accountants/ tax consultants before tax authorities in relation to their clients
  • Assisting in taxation related due diligence before M&A and investment transactions
  • Assisting taxpayers in voluntary disclosure proceedings
  • Drafting employees share ownership plans
  • Representing taxpayers before various tribunals and courts of law
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