International Taxation

Our firm’s Tax Department has wide-ranging expertise in assisting and representing Israeli corporations and individuals operating abroad. The Tax Department provides tax consulting services with an emphasis on the type of activity in question, i.e. issues of “residency” for tax purposes in the form of “control and management”, “center of life” examinations, and relocation, while abiding by domestic law provisions, taxation treaties, and relevant foreign laws. The department is in constant contact with foreign tax consultants in order to effectively provide our clients with optimal tax advice in all nations relevant to the activity/ residency in question.
Our firm also provides tax consultation services to families planning inter-generational transfers of wealth, representing and assisting our clients before the tax authorities until the various trust arrangements are settled.
The Tax Department assists our clients in voluntary disclosure proceedings before the relevant tax authorities. As part of these proceedings, we organize the client’s foreign assets, while ensuring legal immunity to our clients.
Our firm also assists immigrants to Israel (“Olim”) and returning residents regarding their substantive and procedural rights.

Our services include:

  • Assisting and representing Israeli corporations operating abroad
  • Assisting and representing individuals operating abroad, including employees undergoing relocation
  • Assisting and representing new immigrants to Israel (“Olim”) and returning residents
  • Arranging trust funds
  • Voluntary disclosure proceedings
  • Assisting and representing accountants/ tax consultants before VAT authorities in relation to their clients
  • Representing taxpayers in various courts of law
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