Mergers and Acquisitions

Mergers and acquisitions and business takeovers have always fired up the business world’s imagination and driven the economy.
Transactions of these kinds are like complex puzzles which require excellent advance analysis and careful structuring that ensures no part is left out.
Transferring control and making structural changes to companies and corporations can serve as a strategic growth engine when they are conducted creatively, efficiently and expertly. Business activities can be purchased, sold, split or united, allowing fast entry into new areas and fields, or splitting off or eradicating any of them.
These activities belong to a challenging area of law, which requires the careful analysis of the unique legal advantages and determining the disadvantages of each transaction, it’s strategic planning and proficiency with relevant case law.
Our firm is highly skilled at implementing creative, effective strategies for M&A transactions. We provide our clients with consultancy and oversight throughout the entire process, from preparation and choice of strategy, to taxation consultancy, due diligence, negotiation, and all the way to signing the transaction documents and finalizing the deal. Our success is our clients’ success, in Israel and abroad.

Among our services:

  • Regular (statutory) mergers, mergers by arrangement under court supervision, standard or reverse triangle merger
  • Legal representation and oversight on mergers and “hostile” situations that may develop into power struggles
  • Assets acquisitions where the purchasing party cherry-picks the acquired assets
  • Tender offers for public companies, removal from stock exchange listing, and Going Private transaction.
  • Legal counsel and oversight to clients seeking to protect their companies against hostile takeovers through poison pill mechanisms using a range of legal tools.
  • Consultancy on areas of corporate governance and taxation, managing negotiations, and performing due diligence.
  • Submission of reports and fillings to government authorities and receipt of permits and approvals from government authorities, such as the Taxation Authority, the Antitrust Authority, the Securities Authority, courts of law, etc.
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