Our firm’s Real Estate Department has wide-ranging expertise in assisting and representing entrepreneurs, contractors, purchasing groups, building clearance and urban renewal deals, individuals, and private investors.
The department provides comprehensive legal assistance and counsel in all aspects of real estate, including simple transactions in buying/ selling residential apartments and complex transactions, such as combination transactions, transfer of rights, building clearance, national outline plan, urban renewal, etc.
Our Real Estate Department, in conjunction with the Tax Department, handles all aspects related to real estate deals. This includes assisting in the negotiations between the parties, providing representation during the sales agreements, submitting the required documentation to tax authorities, representing in assessment proceedings before real estate tax authorities, and filing appeals to appeals committees and courts.
The department also works in conjunction with our Municipal Taxation Department and handles all relevant aspects involved in planning and building procedures; municipal taxation, e.g. property taxes (‘Arnona’), fees, and development levies; and filing appeals to appeals committees and courts.

Our services include:

  • Assisting and representing entrepreneurs, contractors, individuals, and income producing real estate companies.
  • Assisting purchasing groups and building clearance and urban renewal deals
  • Assisting and representing, in conjunction with the Municipal Taxation Department, planning and building proceedings and municipal taxes, i.e. property taxes (‘Arnona’), fees, and development levies
  • Representing clients before various appeals committees and courts of law
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