Securities and Capital Markets

Our Corporate, Commercial and Hi-Tech Department specializes in securities law and capital markets regulation based on in-depth familiarization with the local and global capital markets.

The office holds extensive experience in working with the Israel Securities Authority (ISA) and the Tel-Aviv Stock Exchange (TASE), and many years of experience with clients who number among some of Israel’s largest public companies.

Our keen interest in this sphere comes from its expansiveness, dynamics, closely regulated and its vibrant nature.

Proficiency, skill and deep understanding of the law, regulations and other rules and regulatory matters as weel as the Israeli Securities Authority’s stances on a diversity of issues come together in our comprehensive knowledge and our experience. Both have been accrued while representing companies, underwriters, investors, and financing institutes from the private and public sectors.

Our commercial department provides oversight to public companies, reporting corporations, investment funds and other organizations across their full range of business activities. We provide our clients with the necessary know-how in upholding the requirements of the Companies Law, the Securities Law, and the Law Regulating the Practice of Investment Advice, Investment Marketing and Investment Portfolio Management.

Our office represents shareholders in public companies, providing them with guidance on ongoing management vis-à-vis the company, and where needed, also in the framework of disputes with other shareholders or with the company.

Our office’s commercial department, in conjunction with our litigation department, represents and provides oversight to clients relative to derivative claims and class action suits against the company.

Our services include:

  • Preparing the company for its IPO including examining the capital structure and the structure of the corporate governance, and assisting the company to succeed in becoming a public company and a reporting corporation.
  • Drafting and formulating prospectuses, including shelf prospectuses and reports, shelf proposals and other documents in accordance with the type of transaction.
  • Representing companies in the process of issuance of securities in front of the Israel Securities Authority, the Tel-Aviv Stock Exchange, underwriters, institutional investors and rating companies.
  • Representing foreign public companies aiming to implement double listing on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange, and assisting companies seeking delisting from stock exchange trading.
  • Oversight for underwriters and distributors, and conducting due diligence during various issues; oversight to trustees in the framework of public debt settlements.
  • Oversight on investment funds for all matters linked to the Securities Law and the Law Regulating the Practice of Investment Advice, Investment Marketing and Investment Portfolio Management.
  • Tender offers, delisting from trade, and Going Private transactions.
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