The attorneys in our firm’s Tender Law Department have extensive knowledge and wide-ranging experience in tenders in various fields and industries. The Tender Law Department has experience both in preparing tenders for public bodies, i.e. local authorities, municipal corporations, statutory corporations, and in assisting bidders until winning the tender. We assist bidders in legal proceedings that may arise following the tender’s awarding in various fields and industries, including procurement, services, construction, infrastructure, and more. 

The department holds in-depth knowledge and understanding of various types of tenders, including RFI, BOT, PFI and more. 

Our services include:

  • Preliminary advice regarding the type of tender required, i.e. minor tender, public tender, call for proposal
  • Conducting preliminary procedures such request for information (RFI)
  • Assistance in drafting tender documents, i.e. prerequisites, criteria, tender contracts, and legal appendices
  • Counsel to the tender committee in the qualification stage
  • Counsel regarding the eligibility for tender bids
  • Counsel to parties interested in tender participation
  • Assistance to the bidder in the qualification stage
  • Assistance to the tender participant submitting the bid
  • Counsel and representation to bidders upon winning a proposal or defending an awarded tender
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