Our firm’s Tax Department has wide-ranging expertise in assisting and representing clients before VAT bodies. We help and represent entrepreneurs, contractors, non-profit organizations, financial instructions, purchasing groups, and building clearance and urban renewal deals. We also assist independent contractors in business operations and/ or in providing services to customers abroad.
Our Tax Department, in conjunction with the Real Estate Department, handles all aspects defined as “random transactions” under Israel’s VAT Law. We assist in the negotiations between the parties, providing representation during the sales agreements, submitting the required documentation to tax authorities, representing in assessment proceedings before real estate tax authorities, and filing appeals to appeals committees and courts.
In May 2020, the Tel Aviv District Court handed down a ruling harshly criticizing the VAT authorities stating, among other things, that “VAT administrative proposals are unreasonably tainted and accepted in bad faith, both materially and procedurally”. The district court even imposed high expenses on the state. Our firm’s Tax Department represented the appellants in the case Pizza Shemesh et al. v. VAT Authority (tax appeal no. 411008/17). Here is a link to an article (Hebrew) about the ruling in the “The Marker” from June 2020.

Our services include:

  • Representing taxpayers before VAT authorities in assessment proceedings
  • Providing legal opinions regarding taxation
  • Assisting in deals and/ or services to customers abroad
  • Assisting in “random transactions”
  • Corporate dissolution and transfer of assets to controlling shareholders
  • Assisting and representing accountants/ tax consultants before VAT authorities in relation to their clients
  • Representing taxpayers in various courts of law

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