Corporate Law and Commercial Transactions

Representing companies and businesses is at the very core of our law firm’s activities. Our Corporate, Commercial and Hi-Tech Department provides legal counsel to Israeli and international clients across all stages of their business development and for every transaction they wish to execute.

From the very inception of forming and structuring of business entities, right up to the moment that our clients pop that bottle of champagne; from signing large scale deals to the stage of exit or IPO – We know what matters to our business clients – professional and smooth execution. That’s why we provide precise legal consultancy, innovative creative thinking, and fast, efficient, top-level execution.

We know that as business managers, your time is valuable. When you come to us, you’re after added value, we take that closely into account.

We’re here to provide you with a full array of services, and the legal consultancy appropriate to your business tailored made to your needs.

Commercial contracts and agreements 

Our Corporate, Commercial and Hi-Tech Department provide legal consultancy and in-depth drafting of contracts, across the full array of commercial transactions needed for the establishment, ongoing operation and development business corporations.

Formation – Operation – Expansion: that’s our department’s motto.

From our perspective, our role is to bring our clients to the best possible business deal as quickly and efficiently as possible, based on carefully weighed considerations and an outlook that takes the future into account.

Our objective is to watch out for our clients’ interests. That’s why we make their business goals our top priority. 

Our experience shows that smart and sophisticated business clients operate according to the mantra of  “Think before you act.” They understand that receiving legal consultancy in advance, before executing a business move or entering into agreements and contracts, can save a good deal of misery, not to mention funds should things not go as you’d hoped.

Additionally, advance legal counsel will always be significantly less expensive than the cost of trying to extricate your business from a legal bungle

Corporate Law

Our Corporate, Commercial and Hi-Tech Department holds vast expertise in corporate law and provides professional legal counseling to companies managements, directors and officers, and shareholders on all legal issues relating to the company across its range of business activities.

These include planning and shaping the company’s capital structure, providing legal counsel to the board of directors and shareholders, distribution of dividends and profits to shareholders, creating and registering securities and liens on company assets, etc.

We also provide consultancy on corporate governance and regulation, equity compensation plans (ESOP), reorganization procedures, mergers and acquisitions and business crisis management.

Legal Retainers – ongoing external legal counsel

We understand that managing a company or business inherently involves a good deal of time spent handling legal matters. Whether this relates to clients, employees, suppliers, dealing with financial institutes, or government authorities, every business needs ongoing legal counsel in the framework of its daily management.

We believe that an ongoing relationship leads to a close personal understanding of your needs, goals, sensitivities and objectives. In-depth familiarity allows us to provide you with pleasant, efficient, professional legal services, and lets you receive the best legal counsel on offer as far as cost effectiveness and convenience for all contracts or legal matters required by your business.

Large companies tend to employ internal legal counsel and often hold full in-house legal departments to handle standard legal matters. In general, though, the scope of legal counsel needed by organizations in the SMB (Small-Medium-Business) sector does not justify employing an in-house lawyer.

Businesses in the small to medium range frequently bypass receiving important legal advice because they lack a reliable commercial law firm able to provide them with a sense of partnership, or due to the fear that each brief episode of legal consultancy will balloon into an expensive legal team lodging hefty bills.
Our firm’s Corporate, Commercial and Hi-Tech Department provides our permanent clients with external, available and ongoing legal counsel.

We provide fast, accessible legal consultancy for all your business needs by offering a monthly service package via a legal retainer, or a “bank” of designated hours customized to each client’s specific needs.

That way, our clients profit from our legal services and the opportunity to reach smart informed decisions that anticipate future needs while gaining clarity on how much the legal costs will come to, in advance.

It’s important to us to build a relationship based on trust and true partnership with our clients and their business objectives. We believe that up-close personal acquaintance and in-depth understanding of our clients’ needs, our availability and professionalism reinforced by our transparency and fairness relative to costs, are the key to a long term quality relationship we built with our clients.

Our services include drafting and examining:

  • Purchase and sale agreements for merchandise and services.
  • Rental and long term leasing agreements. 
  • Labor and employment agreements.
  • Contracts for liaison with external consultants and service providers.
  • Non-Disclosure Agreements (Confidentiality)
  • Supplier’s contacts
  • Franchising contracts
  • Licensing and sale of knowledge or technology contracts
  • R&D contracts
  • Agency, representative and distribution contracts
  • Guarantees 
  • Terms of Use, Privacy Policy for websites and apps, and more.
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