Hi-tech, Startups and Venture Capital​

Our Corporate, Commercial and Hi-Tech Department specializes in providing legal counsel to startups, tech companies, and emerging business ventures in all areas of business or innovative field. We also and represents venture capital investors in funding such companies.

Representing technology and R&D based companies and VC investors is one of our commercial department’s main areas of activity.

Legal consultancy in the field of hi-tech requires specialization and deep legal understanding of the diversity of legal discipline and areas of the law operating conjointly (such as corporate law, securities law, contract law, intellectual property laws, labor law, taxation, and more). In addition to legal aspects, specific familiarization with how this field and the players involved operate is a must.

We are highly experienced in working with venture capital funds, angel investors, the Israel Innovation Authority (IIA – formerly known as Office of the Chief Scientist), the commercialization entities of the academic institutes, crowdfunding platforms, incubators, accelerators, and more.

Our Corporate, Commercial and Hi-Tech Department provides continuous legal counsel to startups, entrepreneurs, founders and investors from Israel and abroad. We represent them from the formation of the startup to regulating the relationships among the entrepreneurs, consultancy for the startup’s ongoing activities, raising capital and investment rounds, regulating relationships between investors and the company, and all activities up to the point of exit involving the sale of the company or commercialization of its knowledge.

We assist our clients in all areas linked to options granting and equity-based compensation to employees and consultants, setting smart mechanisms for companies’ capital, and smartly and efficiently protecting the startup, its knowledge and its intellectual property.

We walk our clients through all regulatory aspects linked to working with the Israel Innovation Authority, whether we are needed for legal aspects involving applications for grants at the outset, or for taking the knowledge and / or production of companies supported by IIA’s grants out of Israel.

We display high sensitivity to young entrepreneurs at the start of their entrepreneurial activities when the startup still lacks the ability to fund its own activities. Together with our clients, we find the right path for ensuring they receive top-level legal counsel by our partners without compromising on the specific representative with whom they are working.

Among our services:

  • Smart, effective founders and shareholders agreements 
  • Preparing and implementing investment transaction and investment rounds, and sale of the company or its assets
  • Representation in hybrid and convertible investment agreements including SAFE agreements
  • Equity-based compensation to employees and consultants (ESOP) 
  • Managing the capitalization table 
  • Drafting and examining legal documents for the purpose of setup, R&D, ongoing operations of startups and tech companies. 
  • Legal counsel on all areas relating to Israel Innovation Authority (formerly Office of the Chief Scientist) grants, their conditions, and working with the Authority 
  • IP Licensing agreements and knowledge commercialization 
  • Consultancy on legal issues related to privacy and databases, and working with the Privacy Protection Authority 
  • Terms of Use and Privacy Policy for websites, applications and more
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